All Snax configuration options are located under WP admin panel › Settings › Snax.

They are divided into separate sections:

  1. General configuration.
  2. Pages.
  3. Lists.
  4. Voting.
  5. Limits. User capabilities when it comes to creating new content on your site
  6. Auth. Facebook and reCaptcha API keys.
  7. Demo mode. Useful for quick start and testing purposes.
  8. Embedly. service integration.

Single options

Options specific for a single Post (open list, gallery etc) or Submission can be adjusted directly on its edit page.
Under the WP content edition you will always find, if applicable, metabox called Snax.

Disabling/overriding the login popup

Snax by default handles all login and password retrieval functions on the frontend. If you want to use the normal wp-login.php or you want to override it with your own handler, please first disable it by setting WP admin panel › Settings › Snax › General › Enbable the login popup to no. Everything will be then redirected to the default login url.

Then, you can override the default functionality in you child theme. Please, in the file modifications.js put the following code and replace the comments with your own event handlers.

(function ($) {
    $(document).ready(function () {
        snax.redirectToLogin = function () {
            $(selectors.loginRequired).click(function (e) {
                //behavior for clicking login buttons (for example the user icon)

            $('body').on('snaxLoginRequired', function(e, blocked) {
                //behavior for pages which require login (for example Frontend Submission)

            if (ctx.getUrlParameter('snax_login_popup')){
               //behavior to be triggered when there is an URL parameter calling the popup