Use the BuddyPress plugin

When you think about users, relations between them and entire community they are part of, most likely the first thing that come up to your mind is the BuddyPress plugin.

BuddyPress is the most popular Wordpress plugin for online communities, so the choice tends to be obvious.

What Snax has to do with BuddyPress?

We always try to give you possibility to best adapt our products to your site. The more compatible the product is with other well known Wordpress plugins the more options to combine them you have. If so, what can be more capable to adjust that the plugin with 200K+ community and almost 100 of plugins wrote just for it!

Snax is a way to get your community more involved. BuddyPress is a best choice for communities. Both create perfect combination. And that's why the Snax is fully integrated with the BuddyPress.

Snax + BuddyPress

Using BuddyPress as your Snax community partner, your users can use BuddyPress profiles to:

  • manage their posts
  • check status of posts that are still under review process
  • quickly access all submissions (items added to someone else open list)
  • check pending/rejected submissions
  • see all upvotes and downvotes
  • be notified about others actions (e.g. when your post was voted)
  • see all their activities (e.g. when you add a new item to someone else list)

Can I use Snax without BuddyPress?

Using BuddyPress it's not a requirement. You have still, as site owner, full access to all posts/submissions added by users using traditional Wordpress admin area. The only difference is that your users don't have profiles so until you accept their items, they can't see them, check their status etc.